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Norman Howard Neitz 1949 – 2012

2010 Norman NeitzNorman Howard Neitz was born on the 23rd of March 1949 in Medicine Hat, Alberta to Jacob and Anna (Klaudt) Neitz. Norman was the second son and fourth child of Jacob and Anna. He had two older sisters Linda Irene (1943) and Shirley May (1946), an older brother Elmer (1941-1986) and a younger brother Raymond Bruce (1954). He lived there with his family until 1952.

Norman married Patricia Blanche Marie Dufour on the 29 of June 1972 in Calgary, Alberta. Patricia was born 27 April 1948 in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Together they had eight children together.

Norman was an auto body mechanic by trade. He loved to fix vehicles and tinker on them but he found that with such a large family he couldn’t make a living doing mechanics so he drove truck throughout his life to make ends meet and to provide for his family. He still tinkered with his mechanics and converted a lot of vehicles from gasoline to propane in his day.

One of Norman’s hobbies as he approached his retirement years was photography. He bought the best photography equipment money could buy and enjoyed hiking and exploring always watching for the perfect shot – whether it was wildlife or scenery.

Norman was a beloved father and enjoyed practical jokes. His children learned this from him and one day they decided to play a joke on their dad so when they set the table they prepared his table setting with a baby spoon, a baby cup and a baby plate. Norman didn’t notice anything askew until he sat down and prepared to serve himself. “What the heck is this?” was all he had to say. Another of his favorite sayings was, “What a bunch of crap!”

Norman loved his children a great deal. On another occasion his children had the responsibility of selling chocolate covered almonds. Norman drove them to the mall where there would be lots of prospective customers and set them up where they could sell their candy. However, they began to feel hungry and proceeded to eat the candy. When he returned a few hours later to pick them up, they tried to hide the evidence of what they had done but were quickly found out, but for some mysterious reason, everything was OK and they didn’t get into trouble for it.

Norman passed away in Raymond, Alberta on the 20th of November 2012 at the age of 63 in the home of his sister Shirley. He was laid to rest in Devon, Alberta Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

Anna Otillia (Klaudt) NEITZ

The Life History


Anna Otillia (Klaudt) NEITZ

Anna Otillia Klaudt

Anna Otillia (KLAUDT) NEITZ was born 18 March 1917 in Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan to Edward KLAUDT and Maria EHMAN. She was the third of four children born to them.  She had two older brothers; Edward, born 20 February 1915 and Alfred, born 17 Mar 1916.  Her mother died after having her third son, Herbert, on the 19 March 1918. Anna’s father remarried shortly there after to Emilie NETZER.  They had three children; Adelia, 19 May 1919, Magdalena, 23 August 1920, and Helen 27 September 1922.  In 1928, Edward married Mathilda KUNKEL. They also had three children; Otto, 13 March 1930, Mayda Violet, 10 October 1934, and Evelyn Doreen, 6 January 1937. Anna never knew her real mother but was raised mainly by her second step-mother, Mathilda, who was good to her and her brothers and sisters.

As a child Anna and her brothers and sisters would walk two and a half miles to attend school each morning.  Being the oldest girl in the family, Anna often had to stay home to help take care of the housework.  As a result she missed a lot of school, and was unable to complete her education.  She recalls having to carry water into the house one bucket at a time and heat it in order to do laundry.  Laundry was an all day job and when it was done the water was used again to mop the floors.

Anna was raised in the Baptist Church.  At Christmas time they used to celebrate by attending a church service on Christmas Eve.  Also at Christmas time there were Christmas Concerts to attend.  The children would often recieve a small bag with a few Christmas goodies in it.

Each Sunday Anna and her family would faithfully attend church, arriving in the horse and buggy.  Services lasted a couple of hours and let out at noon.  The family would then return home and eat dinner.  After things were cleared away, there was always family fun, where they enjoyed their time together as a family.

Anna’s mother, Maria EHMAN, was born in 1890, in Bessarabia.  Her parents were Jacob EHMAN and Elizabeth YAUSCH. Anna was only a year old when her mother died in 1918, and doesn’t remember anything about her.

Anna’s father, Edward KLAUDT, was born the 28 February 1889 to Ferdinand KLAUDT and Willhelmina HIRSCHKORN in Bessarabia. Edward was a farmer.  He owned a small farm that met their needs, though it was not always easy.  He was a strict man, but he enjoyed his family.  Edward died in Medicine Hat, Alberta, 11 December 1968 at the age of 79.

Around the age 18, Anna worked on a ranch near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.  There she taught herself to cook as she had to cook daily for all the ranch hands.  She felt fortunate to be able to make $10 a month doing this.  All her extra money was sent to her family to help them out.

Anna Klaudt Pre 1940Anna met her future husband, Jacob NEITZ, when she was working for his brothers.  Later, she found out, that they had been baptized in the same Lake.  Jacob had remembered her and was apparently impressed.  At age 23, Anna met Jacob again and they began to date.  Within a few months they decided to be married.  The wedding took place in the Minister’s house in Medicine Hat, Alberta, on 18 October 1940. There was no family present.  Jacob, who had been married once before, was 48 years old at this time.  They made their first home in Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan.

During the early years of their marriage, Jacob and Anna lived with his mother, Christina Bottcher.  Just after the birth of their first child, a son, Anna’s mother-in-law gave her a piece of white cloth and was instructed to make Elmer a dress.  Anna took the cloth and made her son pants and a shirt.  When Christina saw this, she ordered Anna to take it apart and make him a dress.  Anna, had to pick out each of the hand-made stitches and make her son a dress.  Also during this time, Jacob and Anna slept in the attic with their baby and later their daughter Linda as well.  To get to the attic, they had to go outside, climb a ladder and enter the attic.  Christina slept in the main part of the house as she was old and feeble.  She died sometime after Linda was born.

Jacob was a farmer for the main part of his life, however there was a time that he worked at a brick factory in Red Cliff, Alberta.  This was not a job that he enjoyed.  Jacob and Anna had five children; Elmer, 10 June 1941, Linda Irene, 6 November 1943, Shirley May, 12 July 1946, Norman Howard, 23 March 1949, and Raymond Bruce, 12 December 1954. Anna and Jacob used to enjoy taking their children on picnics in the Cypress Hills, south of Medicine Hat.  In 1954, Anna worked in the beet fields in Raymond, Alberta.  She worked long hours, beginning at four o’clock in the morning and finally quitting at ten o’clock at night.  After the beets were hoed, she began to do housekeeping for a little extra income.  Raymond was born that same year in December.

Anna has lived in many different places in her life time.  A few of them are Golden Prairie, Red Cliff, Raymond, Taber, Claresholm, and in later years, Calgary.

Jacob NEITZ emmigrated from Romania to Canada in 1909 at the age of 16.  He died at the age of 67 on the 30 November 1959 of cancer, leaving Anna with a young family to raise on her own. Jacob is burried in Claresholm, Alberta.

Anna became interested in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when her oldest daughter Linda met Allen Earl RICE in 1961.  They were living in Claresholm at this time.  The missionaries that taught them were Elder Lawrey and Elder Dalley.  Anna was baptized the 7 September 1961 with three of her children, Linda, Shirley, and Norman. Anna was baptized by Elder Dalley in Lethbridge, Alberta.  She remembers Eddie Toone from Claresholm being present at the baptism.  Raymond was baptized the following year when he turned eight.

Anna recieved her endowments 12 September 1962, the day her daughter, Linda married Allen Earl RICE in the Alberta Temple.  She was also sealed to her husband and children on this day (with the exception of Elmer).

A few of Anna’s hobbies include embroidery, flowers and gardening.  She also used to do a lot of sewing for her children when they were young.  While living in Claresholm, Anna is remembered by grandchildren for among many things her huge garden that she grew every year without fail.

Some of the greatest joys that Anna has experienced through her family were when 3 of her grandsons, one grand daughter and her own son, Raymond, served missions.  The letters they sent her were treasured.  She always felt happy when she knew her family was doing the right things.

Anna was a great preparer.  Whether for a meal with family, or expecting visitors for the afternoon, she always did her best to be sure their stay was pleasant and enjoyable.  She wasn’t afraid of work, and was always doing things as long as her health permitted her.

Anna Neitz passed away on July 24, 1995 in the Calgary hospital.  Her funeral was held the following Saturday, July 29.  Anna was buried in Claresholm beside her much loved husband, Jacob. At the time of her death, she had 26 grandchildren and 20 great grand children and counting.

Photo History of Anna Klaudt and Jacob Neitz