Ferdinand (1858) and Louise (1861) Poed Boetcher

Ferdinand was born February 18, 1858 arriving with a brother Wilhelm to the proud parents of Gottfried and Karolina (Hinz) Boetcher in Paris, Bessarabia, Romania. His ancestry is originally from Germany. He was the oldest of six children.  He had two sisters and three brothers though one brother died as a small child. Ferdinands siblings were: Ferdinand (1858), Justina (1860), Karolina (1862), Gottfried (1865-1866) and Gottlieb (1867).

scan0001In 1882 Ferdinand met Louise Poed who was born the 7 October 1861 in Paris, Bessarabia, Romania the daughter of Gottfried and Anna Dorothea (Fano) Poed. Louise and Ferdinand were married 12 November 1882 in Paris, Bessarabia.

Ferdinand and Louise had eleven children of which only six grew to adulthood. They were Samuel (1883-1883), Eduard (1884-1892), Caroline (Abt 1886 – 1886), August (1887), Mathilda Rosalia (1889, Louisa (1891), Christine (1894-1894), Katherine (infant), Martha (1898), Edward (1901) and Alvina (1905).

Being forced to serve in the army for ten years and fight in the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878, Ferdinand decided to migrate to the United States of America so his oldest living son, August, would not be conscripted into the army. Selling all of their possessions for $300 and borrowing another $700, Ferdinand and his family set out for the United States.

scan0002They arrived in New York on May 10, 1903. They first travelled by railroad to Naper, Nebraska, where his brother Gottlieb, was already living. In 1905 they filed a homestead in Gregory, near Dallas, South Dakota. They arrived at their homestead with $45 and a few possessions, brought with them from Romania. They built a wood fram house and lived there all their lives.

Louisa passed away October 24, 1930 in Gregory, South Dakota at the age of 69 years.

Ferdinand was known as a homesteader and a pioneer farmer. He passed away Monday, September 27, 1936 in the Gregory, South Dakota Hospital. He had been a patient since Thursday. Death was due to kidney and heart disease. He was 77 years old at the time of his death.

Funeral services were held Friday, October 1, 1936 in Dallas. The services were conducted by Reverend E. Guntjahr, pastor of the congregational Church of Fairfax. Ferdinand was buried in the Dallas Cemetery.

At the time of his death Ferdinand had six living children and 17 grandchildren. He was a highly respected citizen of his community and a beloved father and an honored friend and neighbor.