Paper Plates of Rice

The following collection of links are from a history book called “Paper Plates of Rice” which was compiled by Elaine Rice Gibb Kinzey

PLEASE NOTE: This book is over 1000 pages and will take some time to complete the process of placing it’s contents on this blog. Please be patient and check back periodically to view my progress.


Chapter 1

1-1     Robert and Mary (Sims) Royce

1-2     Samuel and Hannah (Churchill) Royce

1-3     Robert and Mary (Porter) Royce

1-4     Gideon and Mary (Dutton) Royce (Rice)

1-5     Titus and Lois (          ) Rice

1-6     Ira and Sarah Ann (Harrington) Rice

1-7     Leonard Gurley and Elizabeth Almira (Babbitt) Rice

1-8     Leonard Babbitt and Martha Jane (Stoddard) Rice

1-9     David Augustus and Hannah Priscilla (Parkinson) Rice

Chapter 2

2-1     Josiah and Elizabeth (Foote) Churchill

2-2     Robert and Joanna (Joane) (Brooke) Foote

2-3     Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Deming) Foote

2-4     John and Elizabeth (Whetman) Brooke

Chapter 3

3-1     John and Sible (Vessey) Porter

3-2     John and Anna (White) Porter

3-3     Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Groves) Porter

3-4     Robert and Bridget (Alar) White

3-5     Philip and Ann (Hawley) Groves

Chapter 4

4-1     John Dutton

4-2     Thomas and Susannah (Palmer) Dutton

4-3     Joseph and Mary (Cutler) Dutton

4-4     David and Lydia (Cook) Dutton

4-5     Henry and Judith (Birdsall) Cook

4-6     Samuel and Hope (Parker) Cook

4-7     Samuel and Hannah (Ives) Cook

4-8     Henry Birdsall

4-9     Edward and Elizabeth (Wood) Parker

4-10     William and Hannah (Dickerman) Ives

4-11     John and Hannah (Merriman) Ives

4-12     George and Maria (     ) Merriman

4-13      Nathaniel and Abigail (Olney) Merriman

Chapter 5

5-1     Titus and Lois (     ) Rice

Chapter 6

6-1     Benjamin and Ruth (Inman) Harrington

Chapter 7

7-1     Edward and Sarah (Tarne) Babbitt

7-2     Elkanah and Elizabeth (Briggs) Babbitt

7-3     Elkanah and Mehitable (Crane) Babbit

7-4     Zephaniah and Abigail (Hamlin) Babbitt

7-5     William and Lydia (Bishop) Babbitt

7-6     Lorin Whiting and Alimira (Castle) Babbitt

07-7     Myles and Sarah (          ) Tarne

7-8     Clement and Joan (Allen) Briggs

7-9     Jonathan and Experience (Harvey) Briggs

7-10     Ralph Allen

7-11     George and Catherine (Davis) Allen

7-12      Rice and Dorothy (Rodney) Davis

7-13     Humphrey Harvey

7-14     Turner Harvey

7-15     William Harvey

7-16     William Harvey

7-17     Thomas and AGnes (Clark) Harvey

7-18     William and Joanny (Hucker) Harvey

7-19     Samuel (John) and Elizabeth (          ) Crane

7-20     Henry and Tabith (Elizabeth) (Kinsley) Crane

7-21     Stephen and Mary (Denison) Crane

7-22     Stephen and Marie (Spaulding) Kinsley

7-23     John and Agnes (Willie) Denison

7-24     William and Margaret (Chandler) Denison

7-25     Edward and Elizabeth (Welde) Denison

7-26     John and Agnes (          ) Willie

7-27     John and Joan (Marsead) Willis

7-28     Thomas and Agnes (          ) Chandler

7-29     Johan and Joane (          ) Chandler

7-30     Tobias and Joan (Mumford) Chandler

7-31     Edmund and Amy (Derelye) Welde

7-32     Joseph and Elizabeth (Wise) Welde

7-33     Giles Hamlin and _____ (Ashley) Hamlin

7-34     James and Ann (          ) Hamlin

7-35     James and Mary (Dunham) Hamlin

7-36     Ebenezer and Sarah (Lewis) Hamlin

7-37     Cornelius and Mary (Mudge) Hamlin

7-38     Sir Thomas Dunham

7-39     John and Susannh (Kenny) Dunham

7-40     John and Mary (          ) Dunham

7-41     George and Sarah (Jenkins) Lewis

7-42     George and Mary (Lombard) Lewis

7-43     Thomas and Joyce (           ) Lombard

7-41     Bernard Lombard

7-45     Jarvis and Rebecca (Elsen) Mudge

7-46     Micah and Mary (Alexander) Mudge

7-47     Ebenezer and Abigail (Skinner) Mudge

7-48     George and Susanna (Sage) Alexander

7-49     Thomas and Mary (Gould) Skinner

7-50     Thomas and Mary (Pratt) Skinner

7-51     Thomas and Hannah (          ) Gould

7-52     John Pratt

7-53     Richard and Mary (          ) Pratt

7-54     James and Mary (Lewen) Bishop

7-55     John and Abigail (Willett) Bishop

7-56      Willett and Elizabeth (Sturdevant) Bishop

7-57     David and Sarah (Austin) Bishop

7-58     Nathaniel and Sarah (Hannah) (Adams) Willett

7-59     Jeremy and Rebecca (Basden) Adams

7-60     William and Mary (          ) Sturdevant

7-61     John and Mary (Ferris) Sturdevant

7-62     Zachariah and Sarah (Blood) Ferris

7-63     Richard and Isabelle (Wilkinson) Blood

7-64     John and Mercy (Atwater) Austin

7-65     David and Abigail (Peck) Austin

7-66     Jonathan and Lydia (Bradley) Austin

7-67     Thomas and Elinor (          ) Atwater

7-68     David and Damaris (Sayre) Atwater

7-69     William and Alice (Squire) Sayre

7-70     Thomas Sayre

7-71     William and Elizabeth (         ) Peck

7-72     John and Mary (Moss) Peck

7-73     John and Abigail (Charles) Moss

7-74     William and Agnes (Margate) Bradley

7-76     William and Joanna (Johanna) (Waddington) Bradley

7-76     William and Alice (Prichard) Bradley

7-77      Joseph and Silence (Brockett) Bradley

7-78     Samuel and Abigail (Atwater) Bradley

7-79     Roger and Frances (          ) Prichard

7-80     Sir John Brockett

7-81     John and Sister (          ) Brockett

7-82     David and Joanna (          ) Atwater

7-83     Horace B and Susannah (Susan) (          ) Castle

Chapter 8

8-1      Nathanael  and Jane (McMann) Stoddard

8-2     Arvin Mitchell and Caroline (Sargent) Stoddard

8-3     Abel Mogen and Sarah (Edwards) Sargent

Chapter 9

9-1     Timothy and Ann (Fielding) Parkinson

9-2     Charles Graham and Hannah Maria (Clark) Parkinson

9-3     Timothy Henry and Priscilla Jane (Williams) Parkinson

9-4     Thomas Henry and Charlotte (Gailey) Clark

9-5     Thomas and Sarah (Pearson) Williams

9-6     Thomas Pearson and Jane (Fawson) Williams

9-7     Abraham and Ann (Hodierne) Fawson

Chapter 10

10-1     Venis Elaine (Rice) Gibb Kimzey






5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wayne Sturdevant
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 03:19:35

    I am descendant of William and Mary Sturdevant of Norwalk, later Ridgefield. Thank you for the insights from your records. They amplify what we have and give us more directions to look. I have always thought that they may have come from New Haven or New Bedford to get to Norwalk.


  2. Bob Sturdevant
    Jul 28, 2016 @ 20:43:42

    Like Wayne, above, I too am a descendant of William and Mary Sturdevant. I have enjoyed reading about them and their son John in Chapters 6-70 and 6-71. Unfortunately, since the final pages have not been published, we are unable to identify the citations provided at the bottom of these two chapters. If the data is still available, I would appreciate any information that you may have. Thanks in advance…

    1) #2 chart (2255-43)
    2) #71, pp. 95,96


    • Sue
      Jul 29, 2016 @ 17:30:44

      Hi Bob. I have added the links to some of the final pages of the book. Hopefully that will provide you with the citations you need. Thank you for bringing my attention back to this project as it has been my intention to finish the rest of the links for some time now but it got away on me.


      • Bob Sturdevant
        Jul 29, 2016 @ 22:02:49

        Hi Sue, and thanks for publishing the additional information…much appreciated. I’m sure Chapter 8 will also be interesting since Sturdevants married at least two Stoddards. I can see this has been a really big project so I anxiously await the remaining chapters. Thanks again…

  3. John Haley
    Aug 27, 2017 @ 16:22:44

    Hi Sue,

    I just discovered your site. How wonderful to have such a trove of research to call upon. My wife is related to Thomas and Elinor Atwater (7-67). Thank you for sharing this.

    I am wondering if any of this exists in the form of an or tree. This would be a great way to connect all of our families and broaden our research.


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