41st Wedding Anniversary of August and Della LENZ

I was going through some old newspaper clippings of my Grandmothers, and came across this bit of news for the Hillspring, Alberta Area.

“Fifty three people sat down to a banquet of turkey, etc. at the home of Mr and Mrs. Jay Leavitt on March 12 to do honor to Mr. and Mrs. August Lenz on their 41st wedding anniversary. Besides the wedding cake, decorated by a daughter Helen, two birthday cakes for Mrs. Jake Lenz and Mrs. Helen Leavitt also was on the children’s table, decorated as a chicken to the delight of the youngsters. Two children could not attend – Lottie of California and Joyce of Saskatchewan. Present besides the guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. Evan Harker and family and Iona Rutledge; Mr. and Mrs. George Fletcher and family, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and daugher Laura, Mr. and Mrs. Litchfield and daughter ?? Litchfield, the latter two from Taber; Mr. and Mrs Bill Oviatt of Calgary; Mrs. Freda Millard a sister to Mr. Lenze, Mr. and Mrs.  Jacob Lenz, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Martin, Mr. and Mrs. C C Cahoon, Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Gallup, all of Cardston.

“Pictures were taken and two granddaughters of the honored guests were serviteurs.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lenz came to Hillspring in 1924, settling first on the farm now owned by Wayne Draper. In 1945 they moved their house on a lot in town and have resided there since.

“They have grown a lot of beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs, which is a credit to our town. Mr. Lenz has been in poor health the past while and this was na occasion to be long remembered.”

–The paper is dated for Thursday, April 7, 1960 – The Cardston News


Kent Duane Leavitt (1925-1996)

Kent Duane Leavitt was the second son and third child born to Jeremiah H Leavitt and Rachel Adamson Maughan. He arrived 22 September 1925 and was born at Cardston, Alberta. Kent, along with the rest of the children grew up on the family farm at Harrisville, Alberta. He attended the local one-room schoo at Harrisville where he completed grade eight. He then attended school in Cardston, Alberta where he took some of his High Schooling.

War broke out in 1944 and Kent at the age of  17 1/2 joined the Air Force. He completed his High Schooling while in the Air Force. He met and married Margaret Guthrie Alexander on the 10 Aug 1944 in Edmonton, Alberta. After the war, Kent attended university in Edmonton where he studied for a degree in petroleum Engineering. Their fist son was born in Edmonton in 1945. Their first daughter was also born in Edmonton in 1947.

The family moved to Calgary where three more children came to join their family: two sons – born in 1955 and 1957 and a daughter born in 1960. Kent then went overseas to work in the oil field. He spent some time in Libya as well as several other countries. He returned to North America and worked in Texas for a time. He retired to Canada where he was closer to his brothers and sisters and settled in British Columbia.

Kent died of a heart attack 27 September 1996 in Prince George, British Columbia and his remains are buried in the Cardston, Alberta cemetery.

Kent enjoyed his children and liked to take them fishing. The children enjoyed being with their father and enjoyed the many times he took them fishing and hiking. One son remembers being with his dad and collecting rocks. He remembers the good times they had together.