Rachel Adamson Maughan and Jeremiah Herrod Leavitt

Jeremiah Harrod Leavitt

Jeremiah Harrod Leavitt (Jerry) was born February 23, 1896 at the Leavitt farm on Lee Creek, west of Cardston, Alberta. He was the third child of Jeremiah and Rhoda Leavitt, having two brothers, William and Lee and three sisters, Carrie, Rhoda and Nora.

He rode five miles to Leavitt school in the winter, and helped his father on the farm from spring through harvest. Jeremiah drove a six horse team on the plow when he was about ten years old. He also helped at threshing time while still a very young boy. During the winter of 1916-17 he went to B.C. with his father where they worked at Elko in the timber, driving a team and wagon skidding logs. They drove their team and wagon to Pincher Creek and then shipped them to Elko by railroad.

He stayed on the farm helping his father until he received his call for the Canadian army in the fall of 1917. He reported to Calgary on May 10th, 1918 where he was stationed for a month, and then Petawawa, Ontario for a months training before going over seas in July 1918.

In England dad was stationed at Aldershot for nearly a year. He came down with mumps and was in the hospital when the rest of his company received a call to go to France and were at dockside ready to sail when the Armistice was signed. He returned to Canada the following July, 1919, on the ship Aquatania, with 40,000 other homeward bound Canadian troops.

for the next couple of years he helped his father on the farm. At rodeo time he helped saddle the bucking horses, etc. At that time all such work was donated. It was about this time that he met Rachel Adamson Maughan.

Rachel Adamson Maughan

Rachel Adamson Maughan was born June 9, 1903, at Westville, Cache County, Utah, near the city of Logan. She was the eldest daughter and fourth child of and Hyrum Woodward Maughan and Eliza Snedden Adamson. she has three elder brother, Hyrum, Thomas, and Harrison and four younger brothers, Lesley, Cyril, George and Willard. Also two sisters, May and Bertha.

In April of 1906 the family emigrated to Canada, coming by train to Cardston. Grandfather Maughan shipped horses, machinery and household furniture by freight.

The family first settled at the Horse Shoe Bend Ranch southwest of Kimball. The older boys rode horseback four miles to Kimball school but when Mother was old enough to start school they built a large two room house in Kimball, and it was there she took all of her schooling which was through grade eight at that time. She missed one year of school when Grandma Maughan broke her leg and Mother had to stay home and do all the work, but made it up by taking two grades in one year.

The family lived at Kimball eight years and then in the spring on 1917 moved to Boundary Creek. They made several trips with the wagon to move the household. The house was just one room with a porch in front and a lean-to in the back, and it was a struggle to make room for everything. They only stayed there for a year and then moved to a farm two and a half miles south of Cardston where the youngest son Willard was born in 1918. When her father and brothers were away shearing sheep, it fell to Rachel to do the chores. This included the job of  milking 27 cows by herself along with the rest of the chores. Evenutally all of the family but Rachel returned to the United States.

When they Met

Rachel and her brother s often attended the local dances. She and her brothers attended one such dance at Harrisville, where she met a young man, Jerry Leavitt who had attended the dance with his sister Rhoda. Jerry and Rachel became fast friends.

About 1920 she went to work in Cardston.

Jerry and Rachel were married at Cardston by on June 25th, 1921 by Thomas R Duce. They lived for a time at the Leavitt farm on Lee Creek, where their eldest son Jay Maughan Leavitt was born June 5, 1922.

In April of 1924 they were able to buy a farm at Harrisville, about 10 miles southwest of Cardston. They had two children Jay and Jean when they moved to Harrisville. They resided on this farm for forty-four years. During this time six more children were born to them; Kent, Elda, Arlene, Betty, Tommy, and Jerald. Times were both good and bad. In the early years they traveled by team and buggy in the summer and by sleigh in the winter. In the wintertime the sound of the sleigh bells ringing would alert the children to their parents return long before they could see them coming. They drove their first car, a 1927 Chev in 1928.

The winters were long and cold and the basket socials and card parties, also the Christmas concerts at the Harrisville school were always looked forward to. In the summers the Leavitt Family Reunion and the Beazer and Aetna Celebrations were always attended.

Over the years many improvements came, the first radio, which they spent many hours around. Later on came running water and electricity, a telephone and better roads and cars.

In February 1943, Jerry once again went into service for his country joining the Veteran’s Guard of Canada. He served for two and a half years at Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Trail, Vernon, and Sea Island, B.C. His job was to guard the prisoners of war. During the time when Jerry was in the army and Kent serving with the RCAE Mother with the help of Jay and the younger children, looked after the farm.

Over the years Rachel beautified the farm with trees and flowers. She was always clever with her hands and made many quilts and rugs and is always busy. She always loved flowers and with running water on the farm, she grew beautiful flowers and gardens. She won many prizes for her flowers at fairs in Southern Alberta.

In March 1968 they left the farm and moved into a lovely home in Cardston where Rachel soon had the yard covered in flowers. During the summer especially their house is always filled with friends and relatives. During this time they took many trips to Arizona, California, and Ontario, as well as many shorter trips to visit family members in Western Canada and the Northern States. On 25 June 1971 they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, with many family members and friends joining them.

Jerry and Rachel enjoyed their home and family. They both loved to read, and had many other hobbies. Rachel made many lovely quilts and other articles for her home and family.

In November 1974 Rachel had a serious operation and although she was still able ot look after her house and garden, her health deteriorated and she passed away 7 September 1977. She is buried in the Cardston cemetery.

Jerry continued to live in their home in Cardston enjoying good health, raising a garden, and looking after his own house and yard for a number of years. Then he moved to hte Grandview Nursin Home, where he spent the remaining years of his life. He passed away 6 Jun 1988 and is buried beside his beloved wife in the Cardston Cemetery.

In 1999 the posterity of Jerry and Rachel Leavitt number eight children, 31 grandchildren, 65 great-grand children or more and 17 or more great-great-grand children.


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