Mathilda Kunkel Klaudt (1901-1964)

Mrs. Mathilda Klaudt passed away in the Medicine Hat Hospital in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada on 26 February 1964 at the age of 62 years.

She was born in Lublien, Poland, July 20, 1901 and was raised and educated in Poland. In 1927 she immigrated to Canada to settle in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and on April 23, 1928 was married to Edward Klaudt.

Edwar and Mathilda klaudtEdward Klaudt was born 28 January 1889 in Bessarabia, Romania to Ferdinand and Wilhelmina (Hirschkorn) Klaudt. He was married to Maria in Ehmann in 1914. When Maria died in 1918 of influenza Edward married again to Emilie Netzer. Emilie passed away in 1925 so when Edward married Mathilda, she had a family of four young children to raise.

Edward and Mathilda had four children of their own, Otto (1930-1930),  Mayda Violet (1934), Evelyn Dorren (1937) and Harry.

The couple moved to Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan where they farmed until 1944 when they moved to Redcliff, Alberta and resided there for the next nine years. In 1953 they moved to Medicine Hat where they resided the remainder of the their earthly years. Mathilda was a member of the Grace Baptist Church.

At the time of her passing, Mathilda had 15 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She had one brother, Fred Kunkel, who lived in Bay City, Michigan.


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