Henry and Rosella (Grover) Simpson

Progressive Men of Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Fremont and Oneida Counties, Idaho

published 1904 by A.W. Bowen & Co., Illinois

Henry & Rosella (Grover) Simpson

(parents of Effie Maude Simpson)

Henry Simpson 1852Rosella Grover 1860

To Nottinghamshire, England, we must travel if we wish to visit the birthplace of Henry Simpson, now a prominent farmer and stock raiser in Fremont County, Idaho, maintaining his home and center of activities in the immediate vicinity of Parker post office, where his operations as a farmer and stock raiser are of scope and importance, being held as a sterling citizen of the county, whose influence is far-reaching in business circles and the social life of the community and of value in the Mormon church.

The parents of Mr. Simpson were James and Martha (Beresford) Simpson, and the lineage of both his parents are recorded for many generations of the past in the county records so carefully preserved in the county towns of England.  His father followed the occupation of a tailor, which he carried to such a degree of perfection that he had the reputation of being the finest in England, and was the tailor to the royal family.  He was located most of his life in Sheffield, where he died in 1889, having nearly attained the Psalmist’s allotted term of three score years and ten.  The mother did not long survive him, dying at the age of nearly seventy years, about two years after the demise of her husband, being the mother of eight children.  Early taught to care for himself, to pay close attention to the business matters of life, Mr. Simpson became an apprentice to the trade of carpentry and after fully mastering the rudiments and principles of this vocation he, in 1871, came to Utah, locating at Pleasant Grove, and resided there as a carpenter and builder for four years, thereafter living at Salt Lake City and at Farmington, where he for about eight years was engaged in his trade.  He then located at Rhodes Valley for two years and becoming acquainted with agricultural life in his practical workings for one year, thereafter removing to Egin Bench, Fremont County, Idaho, where in 1884 he filed on a timber-culture claim which he, however, soon relinquished.  Thence moving to the site of the present town of Parker, he remained two years, then secured a pre-emption claim of 160 acres on which he is now residing and which is finely situated, being only one mile north of Parker post office, which is his address.  He is engaged in farming and the raising of cattle of superior grade, which occupations he at present conducts, but he has disposed of his estate until his acreage now embraces only forty-five acres, which, however, is well improved, finely situated, well watered and productive.  Politically Mr. Simpson is a loyal member of the Republican party, while in the Mormon church he has held the office of elder.

The domestic relations of Mr. Simpson are very felicitous.  He was married in the centennial year of 1876 to Miss Rosella Grover, a native of Utah and a daughter of James and Emma (Walker) Grover, who at a very early day emigrated from England and located in Utah, where they lived honored and useful lives until their deaths.  Mr. and Mrs. Simpson have ten children:  Effie M, Pearl A, James H, Martha M, William G, Lucy, Rita, Lafayette and Myrtle A.  A good and influential citizen, ready to enlist his services in any good cause which will benefit or develop the interest of the section of his residence, and holding a decided position with regard to public matters of a local character, being actuated by sympathy not only to accomplish the development of the country, but also so far as in him lies to relieve the distress and suffering which everywhere appeals of humanity, Mr. Simpson is a citizen of whom his fellow citizens may well be proud.

Corrections to the above story:

Henry and Rosella’s fathers names were both Thomas and not James.

Henry and Rosella were parents to eleven children:  Rita Rose, Henry Albert, Effie Maude, Pearl Adel, Thomas Herschel, Martha Emma, Lafeyette, Myrtle Alice, William Grover, Guy Henry and Ray Frank.


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