Myrtle Lenz & Linden Litchfield

Life History of Myrtle Lenz & Linden Litchfield

Myrtle Lenz and Linden LitchfieldMyrtle Lenz was born 7 Feb 1924 at Cardston, Alberta, Canada. My family moved to Hill Spring shortly after I was born, to a farm four miles southwest of the town. We lived in a tent for a time and then moved a log house from the town onto our farm.

We grew up as most kids did in those days. We had lots of fun and also troubles and heart aches as did most families who lived before, through, and after the dry, “hungry thirties”. We babysat, scrubbed and waxed floors, helped cook for threshing crews, lambing and sheep shearing and haying crews to help out. We learned how to pull weeds and hoe gardens and sugar beets and pick asparagus and bunch it for Uncle Jake to take to Waterton Lakes to sell, and stack hay and rake it and use the sweeps to drag it in to the slide to put it up to the stack, extract honey, stay far away from the beehives, take care of pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese and respect the mothers of such broods. We herded sheep and tramped wool in the big bags at shearing time and learned how to pull off the sheep ticks before we went into the house. We learned to get along with horses and cows and how to stay out of the way of the bulls. We learned to help in the fields and eat dust from the machinery. We learned so many more things that it would take pages to list them all. We received a lot of learning that we have used through our lives at one time or another.

I went to school in Hill Spring and was fortunate to always have good teachers. I enjoyed learning and exploring new books and enjoyed math, history, geography, art and most of the subjects that we were lucky enough to take.

When I was seventeen I took a business course in Lethbridge (thanks to Lottie). My first

office job was at Glenwood at the Municipal and United Irrigation (combined) Office. At this job I met many people and enjoyed the hospitality of the town. I also learned that I would rather stay out of politics and government careers. I guess I am just a farm girl.

After a bout of rheumatic fever, I went to Taber to help Melva when Marvin was born and

got a job in the Office of the Taber Canning Factory. It was here where I first saw Linden when he hauled in a load of corn. I got a job with Baalim Motors in Lethbridge for the next year. I went to Taber quite often on weekends. Linden and I met at a Church fireside. Linden Dee Litchfield and I were married 20 Dec 1944 in the Cardston Temple. He was born 27 Sep 1914 at Raymond, Alberta, Canada, the son of Joseph Arthur Litchfield and Eunice Ferl Carter.

Linden had purchased a farm northeast of Taber in 1943. It was partially irrigated with a

private ditch that Linden and his two neighbors had made. Later it was taken over by the PFRA and the whole area is irrigated now. We had very few neighbors at first, but land was opened up for returned servicemen and all utilities were finally installed. We have always lived here and hope to be able to be here the rest of our lives. We celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1994.

Four girls and two boys were born to us. Every time we had a baby a heavy snow storm came along the same day! All of our children were born in the Taber Hospital. Our children all went to school in Taber, and then went to other cities for further education. All of our children are married now and are kept busy looking after their families and doing their church assignments as well as civic activities. We enjoy our grandchildren and our sons and daughters-in-law. They are all choice people and we are very appreciative of their kindnesses, help and love. Our family get togethers are super and often.

We all enjoy going to the temple as often as possible. Linden has served two terms in the Bishopric of the 3rd Ward as well as Seventies Quorum President and High Priests Quorum President of our ward along with many other duties. I have served in Stake and Ward Primary assignments, as a Sunday School teacher, as a Cub Scout leader, in the Relief Society and in many other positions.

For over fourteen years Linden and I have worked in the French Name Extraction Program. Half of that time we have been Stake Trainers and Co-ordinators.

We have enjoyed working in our community and appreciate our good neighbors. Whenever help is needed by anyone in this area, everyone pitches in to take care of the problem, no matter what religion, color or nationality–I like that.

I am thankful that our children and grandchildren have learned that you get out of life what you put into it and have learned the value of service to their fellow men. May they always feel the same way.

We have enjoyed our families on both sides and also our Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It has been great to get acquainted by letters, phone calls and visits, etc., working for family reunions on both sides of our family. Many old memories have returned that have helped to mold our personalities and destinies.

Myrtle and Linden had 6 children:

  • Linda Jean Litchfield
  • Merlin Dee Litchfield
  • Rita Dale Litchfield
  • Ardyth Laree Litchfield
  • Linden LeRon Litchfield
  • Susan Christine Litchfield

Myrtle passed away in Taber on the 10th of April 2007 after a lengthy stay in extended care. Linden followed her the following year on the 7th of October 2008.


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