August Lenz – Missionary Jounal

New Year 1914

I shall keep a daily journal from now on, this being the ideal time to begin, and also in compliance with the advice of the Church authorities. What I might write of my history so far, I shall some­day make a record of, when time is more convenient, but circumstances leading to the undertaking of a mission for the church to Switzerland might be placed something like this:

In the spring of 1912 I associated myself to a community of Latter Day Saints, I myself being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints through having been baptized at the age of 10 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. On account of my removal from that city, I discontinued my relationship with the church until the spring of 1912, when I went to Mountain View to again live among the Saints and to acquire a knowledge of the Gospel.  Many and hard were the tribulations I bore through that summer, but all Saints must be tried in a furnace of fire, and I see now that it has only been beneficial to me. When the clouds were darkest above me, and I saw no ray of hope and felt so awful discouraged with everything and the world in general, I said, “Lord, the world hates me. I have no father and mother, neither brothers nor sisters, friends or relations. I fled Babylon to find a home among the Saints, and behold, they have looked down on me and permitted me not in their midst and I am lonely and forsaken. Therefore, Father, all that I have, even my life will I sacrifice if thou wilt but take me unto thee and accept me.”

That fall I received baptism at the hands of Arthur P. Lye for the second time on account of my former recommend having been lost. Shortly after I received a call to go to the Knight Academy at Raymond, Alberta, to take a missionary course in preparation for a mission.

January 1

I can only do my best and take what comes. Now about a month ago, I ran out of work and came here to wait for my call.

Bishop Evans took me to his home and I must say that he certainly treated me like I was one of his family, and if any man can be proved to be a true Latter Day Saint, it is by his attitude toward those who have no influence and whose friendship can not profit min, those who are despised and hated by others and have no relatives and friends.

Now I shall leave here tomorrow, January 2, for Salt Lake City from where I shall start on the 7th. Bishop Evans took me to Stirling today to Bishop Fond’s for New Year’s dinner, he and I going in the buggy and his family by train. A member of the dinner party spoke of Brother Brandly visiting a family of Saints in Saskatchewan. This family proved to be my people.

I went to see Brother Brandly about this. He knew me when I came through the door and he said, “Hello, August.” He seemed to know every­thing about me through information he got from my people and a young fellow I worked with in the bush last winter, who told him I lived in Mountain View. Brandly seemed quite pleased to see me, especially when he knew I was leaving for a mission. He gave me two dollars for the trip, so I found I had quite a number of friends here and that the dark­est clouds are light on top. I drove home alone, the bishop going with his family by train.

January 2

This was certainly the grandest New Year I ever had, and it shows that the Lord is with me and I can say that he has vindicated my name in a most wonderful way. This morning Brother and Sister Evans did all they possibly could to get me ready. They gave me a suitcase full of lunch and the Bishop gave me five dollars cash.

Octave saw me to the station, and we were just inI time to see the train come. In turning the curve I noticed the engine rock awfully and pretty soon the baggage car shot out sideways and west down through the ditch and was wrecked. The passenger cars though went down in the ditch but were not hurt, so nobody was hurt but the baggage man and conductor who were but scratched up a little. So that stopped my going today.

Octave said he would take me to Stirling tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, Joe called for me and took me out to his place where I remained all, night.

January 3

Octave drove me to Stirling this morning where I boarded the train for Sweetgrass. There I failed to get Clergy-rate to Salt Lake so I had to pay full fare. Here, too, I had my first missionary experience. An official asked me where I was going. I told him Salt Lake. So soon he found out I was a Mormon. He started asking me questions, among which was: “What is your attitude toward Polygamy?” I told him I be­lieved it was a true principle, at which he smiled and left me. At Sweetgrass, however, he called me to his office, without telling me what he wanted. He kept me waiting there quite a while, apparently waiting for someone else. I asked him once how soon the train would be leaving to which he told me not to worry as the train would likely be leaving without me. Then he took my description, and where I was going, where I came from, where I was born and raised, and what I was doing, also who my parents were. Then he questioned me about polygamy. Some of the questions he asked are these: Are you a polygamist? Do you prac­tice polygamy? Do you know what the laws of the U.S. are concerning polygamy? How do you reconcile the statement that you believe in poly­gamy but that you do not practice it? He could not get it in his head how the two could be consistent, however a higher official came in and soon straightened out the matter. The first one remarked, however, that either the Mormons must all be liars or else they are pretty damn smart.  I was let go just as the train started.
Today I arrived in Great Falls where I stopped off at the Great Falls  Hotel. I spent the evening walking around town and went to a moving picture show.

January 4

I got on the train at 9:05 this morning. It was quite a nice trip through the mountains. I think that for scenery, the Rockies of Montana are hard to beat. Cities that have impressed me quite a bit with their beauty are especially Butte and Helena. They are sure nice and just alive with industry. I changed trains at Butte, where I transferred to the Oregon Short Line.

January 5

I was quite anxious to see the dawn of day come, so I would be able to see for the first time this beautiful and interesting Salt Lake Valley. It is sure wonderful to see the well-taken care of farms and residences of the Saints and I could not help but to marvel at the energy and system­atic way the Saints must have had in wresting this garden from the wilderness. I don’t see how that anybody can see all the farms, cities, and homes that the Mormons have built up, and say that the Mormons are a lazy and shiftless and ignorant and licentious people for it certainly shows the opposite of all these qualities. I mailed the two parcels for Evanses and came to board at the Almond Hotel. I forget what else beside sightseeing and going to shows.

January 6

I was at the President’s office where I bought my ticket. I was examined and at two o’ clock I was set apart by Elder Judge Heart. In the evening I went through the Deseret Museum and show.

January 7

I started through the Temple but had no garments so I had to get them before I could. Sister Smith went to the store with me. After­wards I bought a few things and at six-thirty I boarded the train. There was a very nice girl there to see me off and she gave me her address so I could send her a postcard once in a while. Her address is Miss Langenbucher, Mattie, 559 W. North Temple St., Salt Lake City.

January 8

The scenery was not very nice along the railroad where we could see. There was nothing but sandy and rocky sagebrush desert. We rode all day and both nights without a stop.

January 9

We arrived in Omaha early this morning. Here we went to Council Bluffs and rode all around town sightseeing. There was nothing of in­terest or historical import to see but Mr. Pisgah, which is a long range of hills, and a tree, which had been planted by Brigham Young. We all had our picture taken under it with my camera. Some of us went to see some of the missionaries in this city. They seemed to feel pretty good in the wonk, but they say they have to dress expensive and live only in the best boarding houses and so it cost them an average of $40 a month which soon would break a poor man like me. We boarded the train again just before four p.m. We had a fairly good car all to ourselves. The scenery from now on has become more varied and beautiful.

January 10

We were all woke up a little after midnight to see the Mississippi River. We arrived in Chicago after daylight and proceeded to our Hotel the Saratoga on Dearborn St. In the forenoon we took in the Chicago Stockyards and packing plant. It certainly is grand to see the system­atic way they have of killing and cutting up hogs. We were shown all over the packing plant. We saw the pork from pig to can. Then we came back to our hotel where we spent the evening with singing and nice social story-telling. At night we took in the vaudeville. It also was very entertaining. Here in Chicago, it seems to me, a person could have a very good time for his money. The worst expense is the high hotel rates.

January 11

Today is Sunday. We went to Sunday School this morning. They have a very nice new meeting-house and a pretty good and respectable congreg­ation. I met with quite a number of elders including President Ellsworth, Elder Smith and Elder Cahoon from Canada. After Sunday School we went to Lincoln Park. We had the time of our lives there seeing the animals, birds and tropical trees, flowers and plants. At night we went to meeting again. President Ellsworth gave a very good sermon.

January 12

Elder Merrill and I went down to the Nickel Plate station first thing this morning to ascertain about the train schedule to Halifax. After prayer we all went to the Masonic temple where we all had a birds-eye view of the city. From there we went to Jackson Park Museum. The place looked just the same as ever and it seems strange that after having been absent for seven years, everything looks as familiar as ever. After we came back we had a quiet entertainment till night when I went to the Majestic Theatre.

January 13

After prayer we went to breakfast after which we all bought more lunch for our journey. I took in a nickel show before we started for the station. At 2:55 we left on the train for Buffalo.  The scenery is quite varied and interesting.

At Buffalo we did not stop but after about an hour of switching around we went on to Niagara Falls. There we had a glorious time seeing the falls and looking around. I ‘think the Niagara Falls are the grandest sight I have ever seen. We left at 6:55 for Montreal and arrived at 12:30.

January 14

We went to Mount Royal and viewed the city° It looked familiar to me again. Later we looked around town and took in the show° It was the best one I have seen for a long time. However we were forced to leave at the most interesting point for it was train time, 7:00, and the train left at 7:30. We barely got on when it started.

January 15

We rode all day long. The scenery was beautiful and varied° We did not have a special car today, which made it inconvenient, and some of the boys did not behave themselves worthy of missionaries and I think left a bad impression. We saw the ocean for the first time at Saint John. We got to Halifax about midnight and slept in our car, which was warmed for that purpose.

January 16

I had a pretty good night’s sleep and as soon as it got daylight some of us went exploring and found the Tunisian, our steamer. We went back to the train for our baggage and boarded the boat. We went around town shopping and Campbell and I visited the Fort. A soldier showed us around. He was very kind and obliging and explained every­thing to us. He said there are about five forts in the harbour of Halifax to protect it and that fort is mostly for the town’s people who in time of war would go there for protection. After we saw about everything we went back to our steamer in time for dinner.  Board is certainly swell on board ship and I enjoyed it royally. We watched the crew loading up the hold. It was very interesting and educational and we were quite interested. Later I wrote to Caldwells, Evanses, Ursenbachs and Josy Mills. At about 5:00 we started and noon left the city of Halifax behind. We were not far, however, when the waves began lashing high, and at supper time quite a number left the table and a number of others were not able to eat. Later we went on deck and walked around to keep fresh as long as possible. Now it is bed time and I don’ t feel very bad just yet.  I expect, though, I will be sick before morning.

January 17

I woke up this morning well and happy. It had been storming pretty bad all night and many passengers were sick and in our bunch all but three or four were sick. Campbell and I went on deck together un­til breakfast. After breakfast we went on deck again till nearly noon, when I had a bath and dinner afterward.  There were only three on our table for dinner and two for supper. After dinner I remained in my room, reading and keeping Campbell company. The sea got rougher all the time and some waves were higher than our deck. I am writing this diary after supper and I am feeling all right so far.

January 19

We had a stormy day although I got up in time for breakfast. There were four there on our table. After breakfast I went on deck. It was quite cold. I took pictures and filled up the last roll of films I had. After dinner I developed all of them. I had Campbell and Andreasom hold the dishes while I operated but I got along all right.

After supper I went to the parlor to listen to the piano for we have a fine piano player here.

January 20

The storm somewhat abated through the night and through the morning and afternoon. Several times the sun came out, however, and the wind was just as fierce as ever. In the morning we saw another ship pass in the distance. Everybody seems to feel better today though and our table was filled every meal. I read “Added Anon” through. I also printed two pictures but nothing else was worth recording.

January 21

Nothing very unusual happened today. The storm was as bad as ever. Sister Crow was going from Montreal to Liverpool and is in the third class cabin. This morning she sought out Elder Merrill and informed him that some talk was going on about us elders. They say we try to get around the girls and hug them and we are so ill mannered to put our feet on chairs and tables, cut up and chase around and misbehave ourselves generally. Now all these charges are true but the first one, and so we have no kick coming, and it seems a shame that our boys can’t behave themselves like they should, but they only act natural and I don’t think anybody could change them any. Anybody serious minded could not get along with such, and that has always been my biggest trouble.

January 22-25

The weather has been rough all the time and we enjoyed ourselves as well as night be expected. Yesterday and today we had concerts in the third and second class dining salons. Some songs that were sung were pretty bum and some dirty but they don’ t seem to bother these Englishmen.

January 26

We went to the Church of England services this morning in the first class dining salon although it was pretty bum compared to a Mormon meeting. In the afternoon we got a chance to talk to several people about Mormonism and disseminate some tracts. At night we sighted many lighthouses, which must be close to the Irish coast–also steamers. We also had another meeting at night.

After breakfast I went on deck where I could see the Irish mountains. Toward noon we could see the coast of Wales. From then on we saw scores of vessels of all shapes and sizes. The Welsh seacoast is exceptionally beautiful and lovely. We arrived in Liver pool at about 1:00.

We were conveyed to the Nelson Hotel by a shay. Things that were strange to me were double decked cars and horses hitched to wagons one ahead of another. Our hotel does not seem very homelike as yet.

January 27

In the morning we went to mission headquarters where we had affairs straightened out. We had a meeting in which we were instructed by two Conference Residents and Hyrum M. Smith in pertaining to our mission. After meeting we made arrangements for our travel and at noon one party left for Holland.  This was our party divided up. An hour later we left, a party of six. Elder Partridge left us in Manchester.

I was never so surprised though as when we came into the country from Liverpool to see the beautiful fields and lakes. Everything was the loveliest green and the fields were as smooth as a mirror and divided up by irregular fences of brush or rock. It certainly looked beautiful.

In London we were met by two Elders who conducted us to mission headquarters where we were given lodging. We rode by bus for over an hour. We passed through some very good parts of London and we saw Piccadilly on our way. I think I shall pass the time very agreeably while here.

January 28

We had a pretty good breakfast of milk, bread and fruit after which I took a walk. I tried to get some folder post cards, but I was told that I could only get them in the city wherever that is. After dinner an Elder took us around town. We visited the castles and the London Tower Bridge. The museum was extremely l interesting. We saw ancient

weapons of war, cannons and armour. Later we visited St. Paul’s Cathe­dral but were too late to be taken all through. Then we had supper and went to see “The Princess Reawakened”, a pantomime. It certainly was something beautiful. The scenery was superb, and there must have been over a hundred of the prettiest girls acting. It was a story we had in my first class reader called “Dornioschen,” but I never expected to see anything like it. It lasted from 6:00 till 12:30.

January 29

After breakfast, at about ten o’clock we started for the art galleries. It was a large building on Trafalgar Square. We saw some very good pictures there. After dinner we went to the Wax Museum where we saw wax figures of important persons. After we were all through it, we went to the motion picture on the first floor, which was free to all visitors. Then our Company divided up and Merrill and I went home.  I bought some lunch for on the way tomorrow.  A also met an Elder fresh from the Scandinavian Mission.


P.S.  We also saw Westminster Abbey where the King lives.  Some of our party thought this was quite important.

January 30

We got up at about 6:00 and had breakfast at the Deseret House. Then we had one of the Elders take us to the station. We left at ten o’clock and arrived in Lewes at 11:40 and were transferred to our boat to Dieppe. I did not get sick on this trip, but Knudson did. It took us about 3 hours to cross the English Channel. On Dieppe we were transferred to the train that was waiting for us to take us to Paris. The farms we saw on the way plainly showed that French people had peculiar tastes and systems. The farms looked alto­gether different from what I had been used to. We had telegraphed from London to the Elders here in Paris to meet us on the train but there was nobody there and after a long time of waiting and fooling around, we decided to find a hotel, where we stopped for the night. They did not get our telegram owing to having changed their address. Men would stop us on the street and talk to us in English and offer to show us the city but we hooked up with none of them. We looked around a little and then went to bed.

January 31

We went to find mission headquarters first thing this morning.  The Elders were pleased to see us. They showed us a better hotel and gave us directions to where about we could best see the most important sights and took us to where we had dinner. Then Elder Knudson and I went to see the Louvres. It was certainly grand to see the statues and paintings, but we could not see much before it closed.

February 1

We left Paris at about 8:45 for Basle. Opposite our seats was a Swiss gentleman who knew quite a bit about Mormonism and we told him more about it. He was quite interested.

We saw some of the prettiest scenery we had seen yet and the nearer our destination we got, the nicer they got. At about 5:30 we arrived at Basle and found mission headquarters. We went to night meeting and we were all called upon to preach. I spoke about 10 minutes on the Zion and the Mormon people as I knew them, talking about how they must expect trials when they come to Zion. I met some nice girls and Selina Schaufelberger’s nephew. We slept in the president’s bed.

February 2

After breakfast we helped out in the office making out statements till afternoon when we were given our appointments. EIder Knudson was assigned to Munich and I to Mannheim. We had our money changed and affairs straightened out. Then we went to the station to inquire about the trains. After supper we bought our necessary books and pressed and cleaned my clothes before I went to bed.

February 3

At six we got up this morning and went to the station. Knudson left at 7:10 and I at 7:35. He went to Munchen and I to Mannheim. My trip was pretty nice. The scenery was superb.

I arrived at about one o’clock p.m. I took a car to my destination which is W6-191. There was nobody home, and I took a walk around town.  When I came back the chamber-maid opened up for me and I waited in the room for Brother Dalquist and Brother West to return. Toward evening they came. At night Elder West and I had supper with a family of Saints.

February 4

Elder Astor and I went out tracting in the morning. He showed me how and I took the tracts and got started myself. It wasn’t so very bad, but I didn’t like it a little bit. I may like it better after I get more used to it. I don’t know. Every once in a while somebody would slam the door in our face, but then I suppose that is in the business. For dinner I had some biscuits, and I spent the afternoon reading. At night in the evening we went to see a sister and after we came back we cleaned out the meeting house. Then we saw another sister who had us eat another meal. Then we had bible class. It was pretty good and a good spirit prevailed. I went to bed right after I got home.

February 5

I went tracting alone today. It wasn’t so bad, though there were some pretty nasty. I scattered sixty tracts. I also bought me a watch and a few other things. For dinner I had some bread and sausages we got from a sister. In the afternoon, I read and studied and had a walk in the evening before going to bed.

February 6

I distributed 150 tracts today in three hours. I am getting over my bashfulness and timidity and it amuses me to see the look on some women’s faces when she slams the door in my face.  I had bread for dinner and supper with Meyers.  In the course of the evening Sister Meyers’ sister, Regina Harmold came in.  She is quite a nice girl and I was quite taken up with her.  I saw her home.

February 7

We had priesthood meeting this morning.  In the afternoon we cleaned the meeting room and I bought me a duffy.  In the evening we visited a family of Saints.

February 8

We had a pretty good Sunday School class and in meeting I was called upon to speak.  I spoke upon the subject of religion and truth.  I took a walk after meeting and had my picture taken for 50 pfenig per dozen.  In the evening I went to see Maiers and had supper there.  I also had a good time with Regina and the boy playing checkers and nine.  The boys left for Frankfurt so I will be here to shift alone for a day or two.

February 12

I have been pretty busy all week.  I did pretty well in tracting this week and I had quite a few gospel conversations.  Wednesday Brother Dalquist came home broke and I helped him out with 10 marks to pay the rent.  Last night we had priesthood meeting and I presided.  It was my first experience in this but my only trouble was leading the singing.  I have absolutely no talent for that and I pitied the Publicum for having to look my way, but I had orders and there was no “nay”.

February 14

We visited several Saints and friends yesterday and today.  I did have a pretty good report this week and I need not be ashamed of my report as mine is honest anyway whereof I have found out that most missionaries stretch theirs.  I am feeling pretty good in my work so far, but it is quite expensive, for there are a whole lot of little expenses here, but I can only do my best and leave the rest with God, for I don’t care just how long I am here, and the Church can do no worse than send me home.

February 15

I had to take through Sunday School and Meeting, so Brother Dalquist could play the organ, and I also taught a Sunday School class and led the singing.  In meeting I spoke on “Unless a man be born again.”  I spoke about 15 minutes.

February 24

Last Sunday I led the concert recitation in Sunday School, and also took through a class.  In the afternoon I spoke about 20 minutes, however I got excited, and I am afraid I did not make much of a hit.  After meeting we went to see the Fastnachts Parade.  It was pretty nice, but I lost Brother Asper and Brother Dalquist in the crowd, but I met the sisters Herrmann and kept them company and saw them home.  We had a program at night and it was very good.  Regina told a story of a girl’s experiences.  It had too much feeling in ti to be borrowed and I know she told it of herself under a different name.  I saw her home and I held it up to her and she admitted it.  I have had the same experiences myself and I can tell whether a story of hardship and misery is real or made up.

Yesterday we did not consider it worth our time to tract because the Fastnacht spirit does not attract religious sympathy.  At night I walked around seeing the doings.  At the Post Office was a large crowd of fellows and they would kiss all the lone girls that were not masked.  I was going to  butt in and help some of them out, but I noticed they did not mind it so much as they pretended, for they all went right amongst them, so I thought my chivalry would be sadly misplaced, and it was not worth the trouble, as trouble there would surely be.  But these Germans are no fighters and I would be able to stand my ground,

February 25

There was pretty lively Fasnacht today.  Everybody seemed to be out and doing.  Some girls got squeezed pretty tight, but none by me.  I had some trying hook on to me but there was no sport in me.  The worst I did was to make google eyes.  It is bad enough to break the rules when it is necessary or of wisdom, but I don’t want to when I can do without, or on such occasions.  I felt pretty lonely all right to see everybody have a good time, such as it was, and I didn’t even have anybody to talk to.

I don’t know what is the matter with me lately, but I don’t take much interest in my duties as much as I ought, and if I get much worse something will have to be done.

March 1

I presided in both meetings and spoke about 13 minutes in fast meeting. We had a pretty good spirit and most present were so touched that they cried. It made me feel pretty good. I also bought a coat from Brother Dalquist.

March 8

I spoke about 20 minutes on divine authority and presided in meeting as well as Sunday School last Sunday as well as today, as well as in Bible class.

I had my first personal friend out in meeting. He is a nice young man, a doctor. I gave him the Book of Mormon to read.

Tonight I saw Regina home. She is nice little girl, and I wished she was my age. She would certainly make a nice little wife, but girls never get sweet and nice till they are about 24 and it’s no use trying to find one who is.

March 18

I was to Darnstat today for Conference. We had a pretty good time. We all had to talk and Brother Asper was released and another Conference President put in. At night we had another meeting, and I had to speak again. I also was transferred to Herna, but I can’t go till I get some money.

March 23

Yesterday I had a pretty good time but I better tell about Saturday first.  I left Mannheim at 7:53 in the morning and arrived at the Coln at 12:48.  The landscape was wonderful and inspiring all down through the Rhine valley.  There was a Catholic and a Protestant and we got to talking of religion.  Our main topic was Catholicism and monks.  It was quite interesting, the Protestant being well versed in scripture.

In Coln I went into the tower or dome.  It is a beautiful and wonderful building from the outside to see, but no t much on the inside.  True, there are rare paintings and decorations but it seats but few and the halls are mostly built for wallfahit or prayer than for preaching, more show than usefulness.

When I arrived in Herne, I had some time in finding Brother Reiser.  But I managed all right.  The first Saints I met were Sister and Sissy Krefter, the latter being by the way a cute little girl.  But then a missionary like me is not supposed to hold thoughts like that.  Yesterday, the 22nd, I was to both Sunday School and Meeting.  It was pretty good and we had a goodtime.  At night we had a meeting called the Bruder Meeting at Teutoburgia.  It was a splendid meeting.  Its purpose is to teach the word of wisdom in regards to cleanliness, habits, living and life of the prophet Joseph Smith.

I stopped for the night at Brother Krefter’s again.  They are a splendid family.  Today I went tracting.  I covered a large district where the houses are scattered and small.  I made one visit.

March 24

Last night I went to Teutoburgia to room.  I am going to room there regular but secretly.  I go there nights after dark and leave early mornings.

March 26

Yesterday before as we aren’t visiting some Saints, we got word from Sister Starbatty to come to her place.  When our visit was over we went to her and she informed us that the Police had been to her and asked her if we hadn’t a new missionary here and she denied it.  They told her that they had information that there was one here and it was no use of her denying it, and they would get me anyhow, and that she was not supposed to give me any support of any kind or she’d be turned out too.  So now I got to be careful.  I know my danger, but I am determined to hold out as long as possible.

Yesterday in the afternoon we went to visit some friends in a neighboring town.  They are a swell family and they would have been baptized before this if it wasn’t that they had taken Anstors on some of the Saints here.

March 29

Yesterday noon Brother Reiser, Sister Gassner and I went to visit a family of Saints over in the Rheinland.  We had a long ride and Ssiter Weber met us at the station.  We had an excellent supper and the conversation was the resurrection.  It was fine.  This morning we held a meeting and left at about ten o’clock.  When we got back here it was just about time to go to meeting.

In Sunday School I helped Sister Jetchen teach her class.  In meeting I was quite surprised to be called upon to speak the first thing.  I spoke pretty brokenly, having no notes.

After Meeting we all went ot a meeting in Bochern dealing with the Church and State question.  There was a man speaker first speaking on freedom of religion, and then a young lady spoke.  So far some ministers had tried to interrupt the speakers time an again, but when the young lady started to appeal to the reason of the audience, they got nasty and in about ten minutes they broke up the meeting by shouts, yells and tumult.  In the midst of this the Catholics began to sing a hymn, and then the Protestants sang to to prevent the meeting from being taken up again.

March 30

Owing to the lateness of the hour I left off tracting all together and stayed with Krefters part of the morning.  Sister Krefter and I got quite confidential in our conversation.  She told me some of her experiences and also of Jetchen.  She says Jetchen used to be Brother Heinzman’s girl and got too struck on him.  Later they found out that he had girls in neighboring towns and one of them with child.  So the engagement was broken off, not however without breaking poor Jetchen’s heart.  She was like a great many young girls; she loved more deeply than wisely and she has not got over it yet, and whenever Brother Heinzman is in town she has her spells of heartache.  I pity the poor girl, but I can’t help but feel bum about it, seeing how a really nice girl like her should have loved a bumgut like him when I haven’t even got a girl to write to or to talk to.  But such is the way of the world.  The sun shines more beautiful to the wicked than the righteous.

In the afternoon I went to find a suitable place for tracting, which I found away out of town.  In the evening we visited Sister and Brother Gassner.

April 5

Nothing extraordinary has happened this week excepting a lot of trouble arising among the members through backbiting and dissatisfaction.  It seem this has lasted for years and the least little thing will stir up a volcano.  It’s to be pitied that the Saints are so small and narrow minded, but all we can do is to advise and exhort.  We had a sick brother and he asked us to administer to him and we complied.  The next day he went to work again.  It strengthened my testimony.

Today we administered to a baby.  It is a Fast Sunday and we had a pretty good testimony meeting and a nice girl friend was here.

April 15

Brother Reiser and I have had a few rubs this last week.  He is a regular German and thinks he is running the show like some Russian “Lieutenant”.  On several occasions he tried to order me about but I balked.  The President was here over the Easter holidays and we had a Priesthood meeting in which these little things were brought up.  I didn’t like to make a show of things, so I kept pretty quiet, although Brother Reisner got quite nasty.  I could have easily proved him a liar and lots worse but Brother Krefter was here and I hope he draws a lesson from what he got.

We had no less than six meetings these holidays.  Monday we made an “Ausflug” to the “Schiffshebewerk”.  We went by train to Raissell and from there walked to the destination and all the way back to Herne.  This trip brought back to me anew how vain the things of this life are and world are.

Jetchen Henrietta Krefter and I had formed a bond of comradeship in the time that we had been acquainted.  It wasn’t a love by any means, only comradeship in its purity and simplicity.  But as we walked from Raissell, she avoided my company visibly and preferred that of the Conference President who, to her, looked like a handsome young American.  Also Brother Reiser, in a most offensive and persistent manner courted her company and of course was accepted.  Now I am naturally inclined as to avoid others when they avoid me and not force my company on anyone.  So I stuck to the old people.  But is could not help but hurt me that her friendship should so turn into contempt considering too, that all my life I had been a cast out and nobody but a few older people had been anyways friendly to me.  It is not right that some people without any character at all should have the love and confidence of everybody who come in contact with them and others never have a friend in all their lives.

Of course, I don’t deny that this condition has been a blessing in disguise to me in that it has kept me from messing with loose young people, and thereby have become more seriously inclined, but it hurts and I don’t see how this condition could ever be changed.

Today I got a letter from Brother Dalquist in which he told me that my friends had continued to attend meetings and one of them had a desire of being taken up into the Church.

P.S.  Easter Sunday I sang for the first time in public.

April 18

Things went fairly well this week.  Brother Reiser was quite nice and we got along fine together.  But instead Jetchen was a little moppish.  It may be because I minded my own business more or less and didn’t fool with her so much as last week.  After all, women are all fools.  They don’t reason, but follow their instincts and passions and don’t stop to consider.  Somebody who knows how to be their fool will always get along fine with them.

May 1

Things have been quite lively the last few weeks, but I never had time or opportunity to write a record.  We, Brother Reiser and I, papered the meeting hall and painted the ceiling and sockets.  When we were through, it looked quite a different room from what it did at first.  We also helped Krefters tear down their house and paper and paint it up again.

Zimeinde Angeligiheiten were quite plentiful.  Brother Gartner got to tearing around again making rouble for his family and Brother Krefter.  He claims that Brother Krefter has been backbiting him and has been the cause of his having not been ordained to the priesthood when he should have been.  His wife fried to calm him in his spells of madness and nearly got a “licking” from him on several occasions.  All our attempts at trying to set him right failed, and when we finally got the “Arossohnung” between him and Brother Krefter we thought the thing was settled when next day we found he was worse than ever again.

Again, when we papered at Krefters, Jetchen and Brother Reiser went to fooling around and acting up.  When I didn’t take part and never said anything or laughed at their jokes, they thought I was mad and since I never quite got along with them.  Jetchen has since avoided me.

Oh, it’s Hell.  If I go fooling with people, I am not doing right and when I act sensible, I have no friends.  Some times I feel like doing something bad, but I usually go to our Lord and sing and play the organ when I get spells of lonesomeness.

Tonight we will visit again at Gartners.  I wonder how things will turn out.

May 3

Last Friday night we administered to brother Gartner and since he’s felt lots better.  Brother Reiser anointed him and I sealed the anointing and blessed him.  Before, I didn’t know how or what to say, but I can testify that the Spirit of God put words into my mouth, what to say.  It gave me a testimony and he said yesterday that he knows surely that the words came of God and that the missionaries are under the inspiration of the Lord.

Friday morning I heard that Sister Gartner had not slept and home the night before and nobody knew what the matter was, so I went there again and she said that she had sat outside the door till three in the morning and that then her husband had opened up and let her in.  Brother Gartner said later that he had prayed for a sign that God should send a missionary to his home and found out later that I had went here at the same time that he asked for the sign.

Yesterday in Meeting, we had four meetings: Sunday School, Brethren Class, Fast Meeting and regular hall meetings.  Fast Meeting was really fine.  We all rejoiced greatly in the Spirit but the evening meeting was nearly empty.  There were in all twelve persons there and I couldn’t get the spirit of talking to empty seats and it was really bum.  We also blessed a woman who was about to give birth to a child.

Today I had a pretty good time tracting.  I met some very nice people and had some interesting conversations.

Coming home I got thoroughly wet, as it rained pretty hard.  I also forgot to record that Saturday I moved to Starbattis, as Sister Fehrholz got a hired girl to help and attend to her during her sickness, and so needed my room.  The baby was born at about eleven at night and everybody is healthy.  Personally I have been feeling pretty bum and lonesome these last few days, but I realize that unless there is something wrong with me, I cannot be humble enough and it is necessary for me to be humble in order to make progress and have the spirit of the mission.

Jetchen got quite aggravating these last few days too.  Whenever I come to Krefters, she will leave the house.

May 4

I had a pretty good time tracting this morning and I met many really good friends.  For dinner we were at Gartners and that fool of a Reiser brought up the old story afresh again through his own silly ignorance.  I have come nearly to hate him.  He is the regular German.  He thinks that the world in made for his especial benefit and what he says goes and several times I felt like cussing him.  But things would only get worse through that.  When life is a Hell, anyway, this makes it all the worse.  But then we are here to give others a good example, and we all have our weaknesses one way or another and should therefore have consideration for others.  Just now I feel altogether discouraged anyway to see how in trying to do right a person gets the worst end every time.

Oh, it’s Hell!

May 8

We were to Conference to Holn the last few days.  We went Friday after noon and brother Johnson met us at the station and brought us to our rooms.  We spent the evening looking over the town.  Saturday was more exciting.  There was Priesthood Meeting at ten sharp and we all spoke pretty well.  Afterward we all had dinner in a restaurant.  From there we went to the zoo.  It’s a fine anlage and it was worth the price of 1 mark to see it.  In the evening we saw “Aida” in the Grand Opera and had our picture taken.

This morning we had intended to take the 5:30 train, but were late and so took a later, but faster and more expensive, one and arrived in time for Sunday School.

In the evening we had a pretty good meeting.  The Local was crowded pretty well.

I spoke over twenty minutes on the Priesthood.

May 19

I have not recorded anything for some time although there are many things worthwhile telling of that happened.  Last Sunday I played the organ for the first time in meeting.  Of course, I could only play with one hand, but it was all right.  Lately I have had pretty good success in tracting.  I have only a few people to visit now, but they are really fine and interested.  I have lent out three books and could lend a great many, if I had them.

I have just found out why Jetchen has been so cross lately.  In the last Fast Meeting, after everybody, as I thought, had borne their testimony, I made the remark that I had been greatly pleased the we had had such a fine spirit and that everyone present had born his testimony and added the if a Latter Day Saint does not feel the impulse to bear his testimony, there is something wrong with im.  So it seems that Jetchen had not borne hers and was so offended.

I also bought a book for learning to play the organ and I have already found out a few things about an organ.

May 22

We, Brother Reiser and I, were in Bochum yesterday.  The City Park there is the finest I ever saw.  It is certainly fin!  We have a fine time at Hylan’s and a good Gospel conversation.  I believe they will accept the Gospel yet.

May 23

Sunday today!  Brother Johnson, the Conference President arrived here yesterday afternoon.  We had a meeting in the evening in which we had pretty lively discussions.  This morning we had another lively discussion in Teacher’s meeting.  It was decided that the Teacher’s meeting should last 50 minutes.  It was my argument to cut it short to the most to 20 minutes.  It was voted for 50, and I was the only opposition.  We shall see how well they will be satisfied with it.

Jetchen has never showed her weaknesses better than at the present time.  She shows plainly how she feels about being an old maid.  She is trying her darndest to hook Brother Johnson, but she will find herself badly disappointed.  Toward me, she is just like a swill barrel, and it takes quite a lot of self-control to keep cool.  Well, we will see who will masquerade the longest.

Since the President is here, we visited the Gartners and had another talk about the old, old story.  However, he had before this repented, and had therefore not much to say and was willing to let it drop.

In meeting I had my first friend out to meeting here in Herne.  We sang a trio and me the bass.  It was my first experience, but all things have a beginning.  After meeting, we were just going to ordain Brother Starbatti to be a Priest, when someone said that there were cops outside waiting for us. So we decided to ordain the Brother and see what was to be done afterwards.  But after we were through they had gone up the street a ways, so we struck out and never got arrested.

May 29

Last night we visited Brother Gartner again and brought him some money as a support.  He commenced on the old, old story again and we had to cuss him out again and he finally agreed to be quiet.  We also blessed the sister.

June 2

A number of things have happened since my last recording.  Last Sunday I had two personal friends in meeting.  I spoke and we blessed a baby.  Monday we agreed to go on an excursion but it rained all day long.

I was with the family Fehrholz and had a nice time.  I took pictures too.  I have agreed now to move my stuff away from the Krefters.  I notice I am not very well favoured here and the best way to avoid trouble is to get away from it, and I can not bear to live in unfrieden with anybody and it is best so.

June 3

I dropped the question to Sister Krefter at noon and she was quite nice about it too.  But when I took my suitcase out, she didn’t talk to me at all.  Also, Jetchen was quite bum.  I was as polite and nice as I could be, too.  Brother Reiser and I ate supper there before Bible class.  The sisters never spoke a word to me, but the Brother was quite nice.

June 4

We visited Fehrholz at noon and I printed some of the pictures.  Afterwards we went to Frau Forster, and apostolic friend.  The woman had a lame child and wanted to see a miracle form us in healing her boy, but we convinced her that people who look for signs from God do not receive any.

June 5

Today we visited another apostle, a man.  But he was quite nice and treated us fine.  He promised to visit us some time.  He told up quite a lot about their views and their church.  Among others he said that Apostle Tberz had tried to bring a mission to Russia, but was expelled and could do nothing, so he commanded the devils to plague the Russian Empire, and so the revolution happened.  A fine apostle, to my notion, to have the devils to his service.

June 8

Last Sunday, I had my two friends from Bankan out to Meeting again.  I played the organ in all the meetings because of Jetchen being absent.  It seems to me that Krefters are just as mad at me as they can possibly be and I think that they didn’t come out because of this.  I really expected more of them then this.  It’s funny how small some people can be.

Lontagos are going to leave this branch this week some time for Basil.  We had quite a nice time together Sunday evening, playing games and singing songs.

Yesterday evening I went to see the “Schiffbruchigen” in Funke’s Hall.  It was quite nice.  A rich young man, intending to get married soon, gave way to temptation just once with a seemingly decent girl and got the syphilis.  The doctor told him he would be able to cure him in about three years time and that this young man was not to marry till then.

However, this marriage was of great financial and social importance and he married in six months.  His first child got the dread disease and before the father knew the grandmother had consulted the same doctor about it that the young man was treated by.  He told her what it was and that the father was tested.  Finally the nurse got the disease too and they tried to bribe her into nursing the child further by keeping from her the full meaning of the disease.

In due time the mother heard about it and swooned.  In the closing act, the wife’s father tried to get a written statement from the doctor that his son-in-law was diseased, on which grounds he would get a divorce.  The doctor, however, persuaded him to forgive and bring the young couple together again by showing him that he himself in his youth had done the same thing and had only been saved from disease through lick.  He showed him how he should have not only at the marriage of his daughter inquired about his son-in-law’s financial standing, but more about his health.  The whole play contained a fine moral lesson for all people and I wish some of the young could have seen it.

I got a fine chance to talk gospel here last night.  I believe it will do a lot of good.

June 9

I visited my friends in Augusta Stosse today.  The woman was alone at home and received me quite cold.  After beating about the bush for a while, I found out that the Vorsteher’s of the Gibet’s Vereinher pastors had visited her too and put us in a black shade.  I got her so far, though, that she listened to me anyway and I finally got her interested again.  I believe they have visited all my friends or else preached a mighty strong sermon against us, for all my friends seem to have deserted me and where they showed a great deal of interest before, they are entirely indifferent now.

We had a good dinner at Flach’s and supper at Sister Walfraff’s.  We also had a pretty good Bible class in the evening.  The Spirit says distinctively:  “Jetchen Krefter does not regard us elders and left for Essent to attend Meeting there because she hope to make a mash on some missionary there.  I would be surprised if Brother Johnson is there this week.  Well, we shall see.  I shall have to take some steps in regard to this matter.  Krefters are getting to be mighty funny people and something will have to be done.

June 15

Thursday, the 10th, we were to Elane to the Flug-Platz to see the aeroplanes fly.  It was to start at 4 o’clock but it didn’t till nearly five when one came out of the shed and flew for about five minutes and came down again.  After a while it started to rain and we took refuge in the Balloon Hall.  Then it started to pour down something awful so that in a short while the whole Flu-Platz was like one big lake of water.  Lightning struck the electrical wires in the hall twice scaring the people pretty bad.  After the rain somewhat abated we left in disgust but after we left they started to fly real good.  They performed some real good stunts like turning somersaults and dropping down and in as graceful motions as only an aeroplane can make.

In the morning I had seen a Catholic procession comprising several thousand people.  The streets were all decorated real good.  Some people were praying the rosencranz continually and from time to time the whole crowd would sing a hymn while the bands would play.  People watching the procession go past all had to take off their hats.

My friend from Bankan was here Sunday to both Sunday School and Meeting .  She is quite interested by now and she studies hard.

We had Brother Gartner and Brother Wallpert speaking.

It was decided to fast in favour of Sister Krefter who is seriously ill.  She will have to undergo and operation in the head but all the Gemeinde will fast and pray for her so that may be if it’s the Lord’s will she will not need to be operated on.  It is said that we should pray for our enemies.  I do more.  Where everyone else fasts a half a day, I fast for two days and it shall not be the fault of the weak prayers on my part if she does not get well.

After all, I am not here to shine with righteousness before man but my God, and if all the world hat and despise me, he will never forsake me.  I have found out that the Saints who are humble and the righteous love me while the haughty and indifferent hate me like Krefters.  They would like to see me removed.

June 16

We administered to Sister Krefter yesterday and she slept quite well all night, which she didn’t do for a long time.  We shall see whether her attacks and spells will come back again or not.  She has treated me quite nice, however, and I believe I can get along all right with her after this, but damn the girls!

Brother Reiser and I went to visit my friend and he considered himself right in his bossy authority again.  He just took the lead of affairs and, of course, I didn’t like to reprove him before the friends.  But afterwards I gave him to understand what his standing was.  He was quite offended and tried to show himself innocent as usual.

In Bible class we had a pretty good class tonight.  For a lesson, we took the first section of the Doctrine and Covenants on Faith.

June 19

Thursday, we went to Fortmund to hold a meeting at Broll’s.  I met the two girls and say, they are dandies.  If they lived here, be put right in the background.  One is eighteen; the other is seventeen and the sweetest “kids” a person can meet.  I am afraid if I get to see them often I will fall in love yet.  They would certainly make a good wife for me someday.  They are nice and sociable too and not proud at all.  One is a dressmaker, the other one a storekeeper.

Brothers Gassner and Starbatti came with an evening train, so we had quite a little gathering.  Yesterday I took in a moving picture show, but it was bum.  Maybe I will see another one this afternoon if the program is any good at all but there isn’t anything to do here in the afternoons and the time gets too long and I got to do something to pass the time away.

I went to the show in the afternoon; it was fair, but far from excellent.   I am beginning to hate tit.  In the evening we visited Fielker and had Priesthood meeting at Krefters.

June 20

We had some pretty good meetings today.  They were all a success and we had a bunch of friends in the afternoon meeting.  I spoke on “Unless a man be born again.”  I had some interesting Gospel conversations with Brother Fielker and Brother Gartner in the afternoon.  In the evening coming home from meeting, I accompanied Starbattis and Sister Fehrholz.

June 22

We were in Bochum with Sisters Krefters to visit the Sister Heiden.  On the way there I walked with the old sister all the way.  This seemed to aggravate Jetchen that I so ignored her.  I know it isn’t quite the spirit of the Gospel but she doesn’t care how she aggravates me, and so I enjoyed teasing her with praising other girls.  She showed too plainly how deeply she felt about it and she wouldn’t talk to me all afternoon.  Oh, it’s hateful to have to be disharmonious with anybody.

When I came home last night, Sister Starbatti told me that detectives had been here looking for me.  So I will have to find another room.  I wonder how it will turn out.

June 24

I visited Fehrholzes first thing yesterday morning to see if I could room there again but they weren’t anxious and pretty well crowded anyway and it would be pretty risky for them as they would be turned out at once if it were known they had roomers that don’t work in the mines.  We couldn’t do anything further Tuesday but yesterday we looked around town and found a room on Schul Strasse where I can move in without signing up.  We looked up quite a number but could not get one without I would have to sigh up.  I was lucky to get it as it is.

June 25

I moved into here yesterday.  It’s quite a nice room and I like it fine.  Only it’s on the level with the street and I got to keep the curtains closed always, and so it’s quite dark.  I told the landlady that I didn’t know when I left Ameriks that I would need papers here, because they are not required, and so I didn’t get them, but that I would send for the immediately.  So I wrote to President Valentine to try and get a passport from some missionary who is released and who answers my description.

June 26

I studied after I got up this morning till noon and visited Starbattis for dinner.  Brother Reiser and I went to the moving picture show in the afternoon and had a pretty good time.

We also had a good Priesthood meeting tonight and I told Brother Reiser about being too harsh in admonishing the Saints.  Also he should not try do everything alone, but give somebody else a chance to live and not try to run the show all alone.  Maybe I was a little to harsh abut I told him the truth and I shall try and be a little sweeter toward him from now on and not only run him down.  But I think he will profit thereby.

June 27

This evening we had a pretty nice meeting .  Brother Krefter was in Essen and Reiser in Dartmund and so left Starbatti and I to attend meeting here.  I spoke about 3/4 of an hour on Apostasy – Present Day Conditions of Churches and Restoration of the Gospel.  I could easily have spoken longer, but condensed my speech as much as possible and I think it was pretty good.  I won’t flatter myself about a good speech, but it was a good treatment of the subject and I think too that it was a little more than a dry bone to gnaw at.

When I came home I found my landlord in my room looking through my books.  He had seen a stamp of the address and invitation to Meeting in our Local Hall and he began to be suspicious.  He began to cross-examine me and I told him frankly that I was a Mormon, but when he asked me if I was a missionary I denied it.  I felt sorry for it w but Hell, after I ld him one lie, I had to tell another and so I don’t know how it will end.

I believe he was pretty well satisfied, but if I get papers of any kind, so I can get another room if necessary, I am going to tell him all about it.  I told him quite a lot about true religion and we had quite a nice talk.  Well, we’ll see.

June 28

We were to Brother Starbattis for dinner.  After dinner we went to the Tillerthal for a stroll.  It was quite nice in the woods there, but I lacked the company of some nice young lady.  In the evening we visited Gassners for supper.  I read Sweet Marden’s “How to be Popular” before going to bed and I found it quite an inspiration.  It explained just what is the matter with me.  It’s the lack of being able to make myself agreeable which keeps me back.  For this is what pushes bums in good society and keeps out honest men.  Well, I will try and acquire the habit just to try.

June 29

I visited the family of Blau Kreuz from the Hafen Str.  They again fed me and I stayed till 12:30.  We had quite an interesting conversation and I promised them a Book of Mormon.  I found that their preacher had tried to give the woman a bad impression of me by telling her that we were here on ly to abduct young girls and such things.  She told him that I never told her anything bad and had therefore no cause to condemn me, for I had told her nothing but good.  In the afternoon we were in Teutoburgia by Starbatti I.  We went to where there was Kirmess.  I treated to several things, seeing that the sister had always been nice to me.  I didn’t want to be cheap.  At 7:30 we returned home and had supper.

I also forgot to mention that my Tract Book is missing and I believe the landlord got a hold of it.  Brother Reiser was here early this morning to bring me the stamp and shortly after the landlord knocked at my door and under several pretences and excuses wanted to know who it was and I told him straight it was a Mormon missionary.  I also gave him a Church History to read.  Well, we will see how it will turn out!

July 1

This afternoon I visited Frau Schmeelewsky.  We had quite an interesting talk together and she expressed the wish to be baptized.  I told her that she should better wait awhile and see some more about it.  She was quite disappointed and said that if a person had a strong testimony and did nothing bad, she ought to be baptized.  She even went so far as to offer me a room in her house, but I refused.

We had quite a lively Bible class tonight.  The argument was whether the good Jews at the Pentecost had a gift of interpretation of tongues of if the disciples only had the fit of tongues, whether the Holy Ghost came on all of them or only the disciples.  It’s quite plain enough, but it seems to be hard to convince some people for they had a bout a hundred and one arguments.

After class we escorted Ema Bergman and Gusti nearly home.  It’s quite an inspiration to be in the company of ladies once in a while.  It livens up a person like nothing else does and I believe if I had more such company I would be far more refined and noble.  Well, after I am on my feet again someday, I will be a sport too.

July 2

The “Well, we’ll see” has happened.  Tonight when I came home, the landlady told me that a young man, an acquaintance, had called several times asking to get my room and that if I wasn’t going to stay more than a month or two, she would like to give him this room as he is going to stay for years.  Well I told her to give it to him but that I was going to stay the time I paid for and go away then probably.  There is nothing else extraordinary that has happened worth mentioning so I will close.        Gussy

July 3

We had quite a good time this afternoon visiting Germans.  The girls are real nice, but dog-gone Brother Reiser.  He is the most ignorant, vulgar, bossy son-of-gun I ever hope to meet again.  He will just butt in every place and just try and hog everything for himself.  When I just get into a good conversation with somebody, he will butt in and never give me another chance to talk.  Oh, it’s hateful to have to go along with such a bore for a companion.

July 5

First I will write about yesterday.  I was trying to visit a Blau Kreuz pastor but couldn’t locate him.  That was in the afternoon.  At night when I cam to Fielkers, I met there a Brother Bleich from Koln.  He is a splendid young man and I like him fine.  He came to meet Brother Sontag, of whom he is a friend of many years.

I invited him to lodge in my room, which he accepted.  I gave him my bed while I slept on the couch.

In Priesthood meeting in the evening, I was ripped up one side and down the other for several things, which, however, were proved erroneous.  We, Brother Bleich and I together, translated an article on tithing by Apostle Talmage today.

We finished translating this morning and were late for Teachers’ meeting.  Brother Bleich proved to be an excellent organ player, and he certainly made the music swell.  In Meeting he played again and I find that when we have good music, ti helps the spirit of the thing a great deal.  I read the translation of “Tithing “ and made a few more remarks.  Also, Jetchen was quite nice to me and she bore her testimony in Fast Meeting.  Our evening program was a success.

There were quite a number of friends present and we had a fine program.  Bralls from Dortmund arrived in the afternoon and I took them to dinner at Gassners.  The girls and I went for a walk in the Stadtgarten.  They are really nice girls and I wouldn’t mid having on of them. But we’ll see what the future will bring.  After Meeting I saw them to the station and came back to Krefters where I met the rest of the mishies.  I saw them to the station too, came back and brought down Brother Shleich last of all.  It’s half past twelve now as I am though with my labours for this day.

July 6

There’s nothing particular happened today.  I was a little troubled in my mind because sometimes when I feel lonesome and forsaken, that I ought to have a girl, someone to love and to love me, someone to sympathize and feel with me and to believe in me and to have an Ideal.

Now the elder Broll girl is a girl to my liking, just the right size and shape besides she would make a dandy little wife for me, but I can’t get satisfied whether she is perfectly suited  to me or not.  There is quite a responsibility in choosing a wife, and I wouldn’t like to throw her off after I had got her to love me.  Now id I keep on being sociable to them I know she will fall in love with me, but “Is it wise?”  That is the question.  Well, we’ll see!

July 7

!!! More Excitement!!!  Brother Gartner is up in arms again.  It happened that last Sunday.  Brother Gartner didn’t get any of the visitors only Brother and Sister Starbatti and the sister, the dear old soul, started her “Quatsch” again and said that we were trying to throw him out and set him back.  For that reason, we hadn’t sent him anybody for dinner.  So now when we visited him for dinner today, he told us just what he thought of us.  It happened that we talked of mental telepathy some time ago and os he thinks we are exercising black magic on him.  Now we have decided not to visit him any more.  Well, we’ll see how it will turn out.

July 11

A great many things have happened this week but I didn’t get the chance to write about them as I had no stationary place to hang up my hat even and I have been divorced from the companionship of my books and things.  Tuesday night was the last one I slept in a bed for my time was up and I had to find another room, and I couldn’t find one anyplace.  So, I slept on chairs in our meeting hall.  I have done that all week now.  Thurday Brother Johnson and I went to Dartmund to hold a meeting.  It was the first class I led since I left Haneim.  I wsa all right though.  We took up the “Redemption from Adam’s Sins.”  Yesterday we visited my friend from Bankan again.  They had all their neighbors invited to listen to us.  They are awfully nice people.

This morning I visited their pastor in Zech Jelia.  He was very nice to speak in the beginning but soon began to find fault and try to get me confused.   But I stuck ot the law and the testimony and wouldn’t argue at all. I got him to take back what he told against us.  Now next week I will visit him again and we will talk about whether all men are the children of God.  We’ll see how it will turn out.

July 14

I haven’t written for a long time now, although a great many things worth mentioning have happened since Saturday.  I have slept in the hall every night now.  Last Sunday we went to the Bochum Park in company with Marth Bergman and took pictures.  We really had an enjoyable time.  In Meeting Brother Reiser read an essay on Joseph Smith and I gave a talk on it.

At night we took a piture at Krefters.  Today I had them developed.  They all turned out pretty good but Krefters.  I visited a man on Vinche Street.  He is quite a learned man and knows Hebre, Greek and Aramaish.  We had quite a nice time.

This afternoon I visited my pastor of Julia.  He was all right at first, but when a visitor came he denied everything.  We talked 5 hours.


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    how did you come across all this information about my Lenz family? Thank you so much.


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