Joseph Whiting 1640-1717

Joseph Whiting

2 October 1640 – 8 October 1717

Joseph Whiting, son of Major William and Susanna Whiting, was born October 2, 1640 at Hartford and died October 8, 1717.  He was a merchant, first of Westfield, Massachusetts later of Hartford, whether he returned about the time of King Phillips war.  He was treasurer of the colony of Connecticut from 1678 until his death, a period of thirty-nine years.  His son, John, succeeded him in this office and held it for thirty-two years.  He was a wealthy and distinguished citizen.

He married (first) October 5, 1669, Mary, daughter of Honorable William Pynchon, the founder of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Her mother was Ann (Wyllys) Pynchon, daughter of Honorable George Wyllys (not John).  Children of Joseph and Mary are: (1) Mary, born August 19, 1672, married (first) Joseph Sheldon and (second) John Ashley; (2) Joseph, October 5, 1674, died young.

He married (second) in 1676, Anna, daughter of Mathew Allyn.  Her mother was a daughter of Honorable William Smith of Springfield and granddaughter of William Pynchon.  She was born August 18, 1652, and died March 3, 1735, at New Haven.  Children of Joseph and Anna are:  (1) Anna, born August 28, 1677, and died April 18, 1684; (2) John, November 15, 1679, died young; (3) Susanna, born June 18, 1682, married (first) Samuel Thornton, (second) Thomas Warren; (4) William, born March 14, 1685, died September 6, 1702; (5) Anna, born August 18, 1684; (6) Margaret, born January 5, 1690, married Reverend Jonathan March; (7) John, born December 15, 1693 in Hartford and died February 12, 1766, succeeded his father in 1717 as treasurer of the colony, holding office for thirty two years.

Joseph Whiting died October 19,1717 though there is some question on the date of his death.


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