John Whiting 1693-1766

John Whiting

15 December 1693 – 12 February 1766

Source:  Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut.

Volume II, page 664

Copied by:  Fairon James Smith,

Husband of Carolyn Geneva Whiting Smith.

1 November 1954

COLONEL JOHN WHITING, son of Joseph and Anna (Allyn) Whiting, was born in Hartford, December 15, 1693.  He succeeded his father in 1717 as treasurer of the colony, holding the office for thirty-two years.  He was a merchant in Hartford and a man of wealth and standing.  He commanded a regiment in the French and Indian wars.  He died February 12, 1766.  He married Jerusha, daughter of Richard Lord of Hartford, grandson of Thomas Lord, one of the first settlers of the town of Hartford.  She was born February 25,1699 and died October 21, 1776 in Windsor, Connecticut.  Children of John and Jerusha born at Hartford are: (1) Joseph, born January 1715, died February 1715; (2) Abigail, born July 24, 1718, died December 21, 172; (3) Jerusha, born September 16,1720, married Daniel Skinner.  She died July6, 1803.  (4) Joseph, born February 14, 172, died November 1725; (5) Anna, born February 16, 1724, married Lieutenant Benjamin Colton, died May 31, 1762; (6) John, born June 17, 1727; (7) Mary, born August 25, 1729, married John Skinner; (8) Susan, born February 10, 1732; (9) Sarah, born April 6, 1734; (10) William, born October 12, 1736, died October 19, 1775; (11) Allyn, born June 23, 1740, died February 9, 1818.  He was a soldier in the revolution in John Skinner’s company, Major Sheldon’s regiment of light horse, in Captain Ozias Bissell’s company, Colonel Roger Enos’ regiment in New York in 1778, resided at West Hartford, Married Elizabeth _________ with whom he joined the church at Hartford; (12) Elizabeth born June 25, 1743 and died August 14, 1750.


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